Monday, June 29, 2009

Day Three - NECC 2009

Yes, I got up at 6 am (5 am normally) and chased down a bus to make it to my 8:30 Adobe Indesign Class.

I was totally amazed at the simplicity of the software; I guess when you have formal training on how to use the useful tools is helps rather than being throw into a burning fire and navigating your way through the flames.   I have better understanding on organizing the newspaper staff as well as the year book. 

We will use 'books' in Adobe Indesign to set up the multiple pages.   I will create with the student's help during the July workshop the master pages.  The biggest thing that needs to happen is  determining how we are going to store our product. It was recommended that we place the books on the server and pull the books off the server during class to work on them.  Oh my, will this work? Only the wonderous people of technology really knows.

" Candid Photography" was even more informative.  When capturing a photo never be afraid to tell a story with your pictures.  Pictures in the classroom can be that selling point when you are applying for that grant or bringing that adminstrator into your classroom through your picture.

When taking a picture think of the picture in thirds.  Move the horizon and the subject from the center of the composition into one (or more) of the thirds.  Ideally, the main subject or focal point will land in one of the intersection of the four lines.  .  Give your subject move to room in your picture; don't always focus your subject in the dead center of your photo. 

For indoor pictures refrain from using the flash and use more natural light (i.e.. windows).  Car shades preferably the foil brand are excellent sources of light to help illuminate the subject.

See  the pictures above that depict the rule of thirds with the pen photo and lighting with the other photos.  Can you figure out which picture I used the car shades on?

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