Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day Two - NECC in DC

I guess I lost my last post however, I need to just re-enter it.

Day two came about in a peaceful way after a GOOD nights rest.  Of course I capitalize on the day being a Sunday and actually rest and took in a bit of sight seeing before my NECC journey begins on Monday.

What I realized is that is doesn't matter if you up chuck during a session, get stuck in the METRO, run to catch a tour bus or duck from pigeons flying in Union Station; you cannot hide the fact that you are in a city what an abundant amount of history at a convention that will help you bring that history to your students 21s style.

I can only hold on to my britches because I am really heading through a tunnel of knowledge.  

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  1. Very nice pictures, and I love the whole hold on to your britches.