Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Four - NECC in DC

This was the day to explore and learn the new and exciting gadgets available.  I spent the most of my time exploring the exhibit hall and finding out the new gadgets and re-familarizing myself with some old aquaintances. 

I attended one session that delt with implementing IPOD touches into the everyday curriculum; how informative.  Here are a few pointers..

1. Have students practice or give a crash  on using the IPODs

2. Use the free applications on  the  touch for assessment and review before you begin your instruction ( See: Match; Math Tables and KidsMathFun (4th grade) - Fraction Math - really cool app for multiplication) 

3. Disablng internet acces with the ipods made need to be addressed before they are introduced.  

4. Make sure that you have the KWL chart as assessment before you introduce new material.  

5. Use flipcharts (powerpoints and keynote)  to introduce your lesson. You can also upload pdfs to IMovie and add voice overs to introduce lessons.  (Teachers can convert Promethean flip charts and covert them to pdfs )

6. Create a log for students to use when they are on the ipods for something other than instruction (i.e.. Free Education Apps).. FUN Meter or music).  PLEASE NOTE: We want students to explore..

7. Have students play the loaded educational games until you are done checking the roll or handling classroom business. 

8. IPOD Fraction Log ( so that you can see the investment). Log in everytime  a student is on the ipod and what they are doing on the ipods,  This can be used as data for any additional grants in the future.

9. Videos on  You Tube, I tunes U and CSPAN can be used as instructional aides

(Example of a KWL chart)

What we know

Ways to learn 


10. Create a user ipod for ITUNES. Create a ipod user for that account .  Only 5 computers can be a synced to an IPOD account.

These are just a few things that you can use  to help a IPOD lab run smoothly. 

In addition to the IPOD seminar, I attended a quick Web 2.0 tool introduction @ the CDWG Booth.  I realized that once you think you are aware of all the cool Web 2.0 tools there is always another one waiting in the wings.   

Voice Thread ( is awesome.  It is actually a voice blog.  As the administrator of the voice thread you can make the initial comment.  Your students can choose a character and make replies to your comments.

Note: When dealing with the class is may be best to create a class user names and password and the class can access the site without having to remember password and user names.  Check it out...

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